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A Message from the President

We’ve spoken a lot about Digital Realities – from what they are to what can be accomplished with them. For every successful project,it’s critical to have a true digital representation of the real world at the core.Let’s take Digital Realities to the next level, though, and integrated technologies for even greater interactions and engagement.

In this edition you can read how Mexico City’s New International Airport, known as the ‘Airport of the Future,’ is a great example of such digital representations made from integrated technologies. The Consortium IUYET, involved in the construction of the airport and a connecting railroad, used a wide array of laser scanning, GNSS and digital measurement tools to produce 3D models resulting in a safer and smarter facility.

ZOM, a leading residential developer in the U.S., discovered how construction documentation from Multivista is a simple and highly efficient process with online accessiblity. For its latest development, a luxury apartment complex in Miami, ZOM was able to digitalise operations and share the valuable progression data to the entire ecosystem of capital partners, architects, contractors, inspectors and other stakeholders involved in the project.

Our HxGN SmartNet, the GNSS correction services built on the world’s largest reference station network, is bringing the construction industry closer to achieving its full digitalisation potential. Recognising efficiency and productivity gains, contractors are able to operate in complete Digital Realities connected to their stakeholders.

With the inspiration and desire to pursue what is possible in the future, you are now empowered to reach that next level of Digital Realities.

Advancing industries. Progressing technologies. Evolving business. This is what we’re dedicated to, and we look forward to having you along with us for this journey. Enjoy your read.


Juergen Dold
President, Hexagon Geosystems





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